One Hour Outside…

There are some great blogs and youtube videos out there at the moment, there seems to be a real surge of women pushing their own and societies boundaries, really doing what they love and letting other people know, which is fantastic, be it wild swimming, mountain biking, solo hiking, motorbiking across continents…

One of those blogs I’ve discovered recently had a great write-up all about spending one hour a day outside. I won’t ruin it for you because she’s written a brilliant post and one that I am going to attempt to do this year. Have a read here:

This week has been cold and our wood supply has dwindled to nothing brrrr. The ever practical Mr.Gnomead arrived home from work at the beginning of the week with a car and roof loaded with branches he’d picked up at the side of the road just on his journey home. So this week has mainly consisted of moving wood, cutting wood, chopping wood, stacking wood and then burnng wood… So my one hour a day has also mainly consisted of exactly these things!

Very satisfying!

No.2 teen has also re-discovered geo-caching which we used to do a lot of when they were smaller, so we’ve got out and about for a few hours this week trying to find small boxes in the undergrowth. He casually remarked as he was reaching behind a stone wall in full earshot of some walkers “Just dropping the drug stash here and we’ll send them the co-ordinates” The police haven’t turned up on our doorstep as yet…

As I work from home and I know I have a tendency to not want to move once I’ve started work this is a great way for me to ensure I get out and breath some fresh air each day. One hour a day … that’s all!

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