Arran Coastal Way – Have map, will travel.

First step: actually figure out where you’re going!

There seems to be a lack of write-up’s about the Arran Coastal Way online, not really sure why and not sure whether this is something to worry about or not! I did find a great blog ‘Ruth’s Coastal Walk’ which covers Arran, as well as her progress around the UK which makes for inspirational reading for some future adventures.

I have, however, managed to get hold of a map showing the coastal way route, a teeny tiny little map that folds up really small, weighs next to nothing and is waterproof…who knew these things existed?? Obviously not me, but maybe I’m the only one who didn’t! This, and the very imformative Rucksack Reader guide (also on rainproof paper!) should be more than enough to guide me around Arran. It details each leg of the journey with maps and interesting facts, as well as advising where shops, pubs and other amenities are.

Routes, information, history and rainproof.
Waterproof, double sided teeny tiny map!

6 thoughts on “Arran Coastal Way – Have map, will travel.”

    1. Thanks Dawn-Marie, I’ve been reading through your blog posts on Arran, thay’ve been great for giving me an idea of what the route is like so thanks so much! Really looking forward to it (a little nervously!!)


      1. I hope the weather is kind for you. You’re very brave going solo and carrying all your gear. You’re mostly never that far from the road or a bus if you need it. I look forward to reading your posts. I always love reading about Arran. Enjoy ‘you time’ and take care x


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