To Blog or not to Blog…

It’s been a while!

I’ve hummed and hahed about wether to carry this blog on, is it all a bit egotistical? …well, probably! But I realised, whilst looking up a new route to walk this year, that in all the hundreds of pages of information you can find out there, I always come back to ordinary people’s blogs detailing their experiences. I love reading about ordinary people’s issues with routes, their highlights, where they wild camped, how they managed with water and, most importantly when you’re a 47 yr old women, where the toilets are!!

There seems to be a huge amount of blogs, instagram accounts with young, beautiful, super- fit adventurers doing the amazing things that they do but there is not quite so many for people like me! So… on that note I will endeavour to re-ignite this blog, mainly for my own egotistical needs (!) but also because I hope it will help someone out there plan their own little everyday adventures.

I walked some of the Arran Coastal Way last year but never actually finished writing it up so that’s first on my list…if I can find my notebook!!

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