About Me

Life is full of adventures, maybe not the epic ones you read about it in some amazingly epic adventurer blogs (!) but a serious of ordinary, everyday adventures that anyone can have if they put their minds to it.

Hello! I’m Naomi, a reasonably normal 40+ ‘everyday adventurer’.

As a child we lived near the sea on the South coast of the UK and spent most of our summers on the beach, jumping off the breakwaters, cycling along the Esplanade and building dens in abandoned parts of a local park. We spent a lot of time outside but I don’t remember ever going on long walks or camping, other than a few Youth camps in old bell tents (don’t mention the toilets!) It wasn’t until I met my husband, from a family of Venture Scouts, mountain climbers and walkers that this world was introduced to me. The day we got engaged was spent clambering up Striding Edge to the top of Helvellyn with my sparkly new engagement ring taking a battering!

Years of being financially challenged (!), Home Educating our two children and moving from the South of the UK to the beautiful Lake District opened up more opportunities for camping, walking, bushcraft, wild swimming and many other activities which maybe wouldn’t have happened if we’d both had well paid jobs and sent the kids to school. Everything comes with a silver lining!

Now, the kids are becoming young adults and it feels as if this is my time to try to do some of the things I’ve always wished I would, but felt I couldn’t. This slightly older girl most definitely can give it a go…

I’m not super fit, super healthy and definitely not a super adventurer but maybe I can share some ‘everyday adventures’ and encourage others to do the same. Just an ordinary woman on a low (sometimes no!) budget without all the frills and expensive equipment …

Welcome! fellow ‘Everyday Adventurer’ x