Arran Coastal Way – Lamlash to Whiting Bay

(Walked May 2019 – catching up!)

It was another sunny day and I was looking forward to this walk as it was going around the Viking fort at Kingscross Point and I had been told that it was a beautiful walk.

It started along the stoney beach so I was glad the tide was out. This was interspersed with a wooden boardwalk which brings you up off the beach into the pretty woodland along the edge of the shore. Walking in May meant there were bluebells and garlic in abundance and it all felt slightly magical! The only blot on the landscape (literally!) is the commercial Salmon Farm just offshore with it’s constant hum of engine noise from the boat there. I did wonder how they had managed to get permission for this to be sited there, not far from the ‘No Take Zone’, only later finding out that there is a lot of objections to it from locals.

Shame about the Salmon Farm! Still beautiful though.

As you near Kingscross Point the path takes you up off the beach and along some pleasant tracks through fields until it drops back down, I guess due to privately owned sections of shoreline. You come back to the sea where a gorgeous house looks out over to the Holy Isle lighthouse…a beautiful place to live.

Looking over to the lighthouse on Holy Isle

Then it all got a little bit bazarre! I stopped at a little stoney beach to take in the view and found a lady sitting on a rock smoking a cigar! It turned out she was Italian with very little English and posed on the rock while I took a photo for her before I moved on. The path then went across a section which was nicely cut and manicured, almost like a flat football field…weird!

Wandered up through the fort and stopped to have some lunch before heading off into Whiting bay. After a coffee stop it was time to head for the pretty painted bus stop before heading back to the tent for tea.

Definitely do bus stops in style on Arran.

Arran Coastal Way – Lamlash

Catching up!

After packing up at Kilmory and quietly sneaking past the man snoring loudly in his van outside the hall (must have been a good night!) I headed to the campsite at Lamlash on the bus. I wasn’t sure where it actually was so grabbed some lunch at the Co-op, sitting on one of the many benches along the sea-front before heading off on the search.

I was distracted by a sign advertising coffee which turned out to be a great little exhibition run by Coast at the Octopus Centre. The friendly lady made me a filter coffee while I had a look around, learnt about the ‘No Take Zone’ and discovered all the amazing sea creatures in their big tank. Well worth a look if you’re in Lamlash.

No Take Zone – information board at the jetty.

After finding the camp site which is only a five minute walk from the front, I set up and headed back along to explore the rest of Lamlash, having a wander down the jetty where the boats go over to the Holy Isle…this will have to be a trip for another time.

A nice easy day in the very lovely Lamlash.