Arran Coastal Way – Lamlash

Catching up!

After packing up at Kilmory and quietly sneaking past the man snoring loudly in his van outside the hall (must have been a good night!) I headed to the campsite at Lamlash on the bus. I wasn’t sure where it actually was so grabbed some lunch at the Co-op, sitting on one of the many benches along the sea-front before heading off on the search.

I was distracted by a sign advertising coffee which turned out to be a great little exhibition run by Coast at the Octopus Centre. The friendly lady made me a filter coffee while I had a look around, learnt about the ‘No Take Zone’ and discovered all the amazing sea creatures in their big tank. Well worth a look if you’re in Lamlash.

No Take Zone – information board at the jetty.

After finding the camp site which is only a five minute walk from the front, I set up and headed back along to explore the rest of Lamlash, having a wander down the jetty where the boats go over to the Holy Isle…this will have to be a trip for another time.

A nice easy day in the very lovely Lamlash.